By virtue of our baptism, we have been set apart for God, that is consecrated. More so,
religious men and women have vowed to give themselves entirely to the manifestation of this
baptismal consecration living out our love of God.
Indeed, God has chosen our bodies to be his abode – the dwelling of His Spirit. And
of all the members of our body, greatest emphasis has been placed on our hearts in
various passages of the scripture. Our hearts, I would say, is central to our
conversion, our love and passion; it appears to be a place of immense value.
The question arises, what level of priority do we give to maintaining our hearts as
fitting dwellings for God through various acts of devotion such as ejaculatory
prayers, spiritual reading, mindfulness of our thoughts and ruminating on the Word
of God?
The church, no doubt, is a serene place we go to worship God but how often, as we
hear of St Francis, do we turn into the sanctuary of our hearts to commune with the
Spirit of God dwelling in us or have we made it inhabitable for him?
As the seat of our love and passion, who/what would we say is enthroned on our
hearts? What do we do in our hearts? Have we turned it into a place of harboring
grudges, bitterness, nurturing all sorts of lust and selfish desires? We may not have
total control of our thoughts but what effort have we made to control it and listen
to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit or do we stifle His presence by indulging our
carnal passions?
Our Blessed Mother Mary is rightly called the Spouse of the Holy Spirit for she
gave Him priority in her heart, regurgitated God’s Word therein, thus her temple of
God’s Spirit was continually sanitized and ready for the incarnation.
As we prepare for the Pentecost let us invoke our Mother Mary to intercede for us
that the sanctifying and purifying fire of the Holy spirit may burn all that defiles
His dwelling place in us and make us fitting homes of God again.